PreK – K: Shapes

Tired of books that ask your kid to find the circle, the triangle, and the star on the pages?
This list does not include any of those books. The books I listed here take shapes to the next level and either put them in context of the real world or does something artsy with them.
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Round is a Tortilla by Roseanne Greenfield Thong

This book is written in rhyme and shows where various shapes show up in Mexican culture. Most shapes have a two pages devoted to them. The text on each page contains a couple of Spanish words. In the back of the book is a glossary that defines the Spanish words.
SOCIAL STUDIES: Mexican traditions and foods

Round is a Mooncake by Roseanne Thong

This book is written by the same author as the one above. It is also in rhyme and shows where various shapes show up in Chinese culture. It only includes circles, squares, and rectangles, but each shape is discussed over several pages. The back of the book has glossary of the traditional Chinese items shown and mentioned throughout the book.
SOCIAL STUDIES: Chinese traditions and foods

Shapes by Judith Nouvion

This book has real photographs of creatures that exhibit each shape. It includes many shapes not usually found in children’s books, like trapezoid, spiral, and pentagon.
SCIENCE: Nature photos

Shape Shift by Joyce Hesselberth

In this book, a girl and a boy put 2-3 shapes together and then show and explain what that picture could turn into. The last spread of pages give several more composite forms and asks the child to imagine what those could be.
ART: Composing pictures out of shapes

Dot by Patricia Intriago

This book is only about circles, as you might imagine from the title. Most of the pages are in black and white and have very few words. It shows many different items that a circle could represent.
ART: Making pictures out of circles

Go, shapes, go! by Denise Fleming

This book creates a collage of shapes bit by bit over several pages. Then, they tumble apart and create a new collage. This would make a great inspiration for kids to create with shapes.
ART: Making a collage out of shapes
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