PreK – K: Snakes

This theme is all about snakes. The list contains both fiction and non-fiction books. We read these books before attending a presentation on snakes from our local nature center.
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  • Snakes: Slither and Hiss by Fiona Lock
    This is a DK Readers Pre-Level 1 book with photographs of real snakes in various environments. Each page has a fact of about a different kind of snake.
    SCIENCE: Facts about snakes with real photos
  • My Snake Blake by Randy Siegel
    This book is about a boy and his snake. The snake can twist his body into cursive words. The snake helps the boy with some things and the boy helps the snake sometimes.
    SOCIAL STUDIES: Family and community life
    LANGUAGE ARTS: Cursive
  • Sylvie & True by David McPhail
    This book has four short chapters about a bunny, Sylvie, and a snake, True, who are roommates. Each chapter is a no more than 10 pages long with 1-5 sentences per page.
    HEALTH: Kitchen safety
  • Ben & Becky Get a Pet by Sindy McKay
    This book tells about a brother and sister who want to get a pet and the mayhem they cause in the mall when the pet store snake gets loose. The book is a “We Both Read” book where the left pages are supposed to be read by an older reader and the right pages by a beginning reader, yet, the story flows easily across both types of pages.
    SOCIAL STUDIES: Making decisions together, owning a pet
    LANGUAGE ARTS: Contains some advanced vocabulary
  • It’s a Good Thing There Are Snakes by Lisa M. Herrington
    This book has pictures of real snakes accompanied by a few sentences of facts about snakes. It covers characteristics of snakes, how they eat and grow, and how they are useful to humans.
    SCIENCE: Facts about snakes with real photos
    LANGUAGE ARTS: Snake-related vocabulary
  • A Pet Named Sneaker by Joan Heilbroner
    This book tells about a lonely snake in a pet store and the boy who buys him. The snake goes to school and to the pool with the boy.
    HEALTH: Water safety
    LANGUAGE ARTS: Learning to spell
  • Elmer and Snake by David McKee
    This colorful book tells about a plaid elephant, Elmer, and a snake. The other elephants are trying to trick Elmer, but the snake helps Elmer trick the others.
    SCIENCE: Jungle animals

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