Why aren’t you in school?

As I was planning my future homeschooling a year ago, I dreaded the number of times I would get this question.  I contemplated many witty comebacks. However, in almost 8 months of homeschooling, we have never been asked.  And yes, (gasp!) we have something to do outside of our house almost every weekday.
Surprisingly, the only questions my son has gotten were from other kids in our neighborhood who are in school.  The one kid is the same age as my son and used to be in the same class.  His questions are pretty harmless and he is just curious about whether we do the same stuff that he does in school.
The other kid is a few years younger and generally a know-it-all.  Every time my son runs into her, she interrogates him about what he did that day and how many worksheets he has completed.  I finally got her to lay off the third degree when I told my son to come in after a couple of hours on a snow day so that he could finish his work.  She was shocked that homeschool does not close for snow days.
I have gotten a lot less hassle about homeschooling than I had expected.  Pretty much all of my former teaching co-workers think homeschooling is fantastic.  Any random people we talk to usually know someone else who is homeschooled or they are very interested in how homeschooling works.  My new worry is what happens when we go to Germany on a few weeks, where homeschooling is famously prohibited.  Although, there are some school breaks while we are there, so a 10-year-old in public on a weekday might not appear strange.